Aligns horizontally, levels vertically, and locks the surfaces together


The unique design of our patented Align-N-Lock provides three separate functions in one lock. It aligns the surfaces horizontally, levels vertically, and locks the surfaces together. The lock has a low profile which provides more clearance for leaf storage and allows it to perform a true direct pull between surfaces ensuring a tight attachment. Originally designed for extension tables, the Align-N-Lock is perfect for a number of different applications. It is great for locking workstations together. No longer is an “L” bracket and screws needed to secure a workstation. With the Align-N-Lock, valuable time is saved when relocating office furniture.

The Align-N-Lock is made from 14 gauge steel and built for years and years of dependable service. Available in 2 different strikers (specify which striker you want at the time of order):

The TL106 striker is very precise and ideal for computer workstations.

The TL108 striker has a more angled taper and is best suited for extension tables.


Yellow Zinc

Box Count

Packaged in boxes of 100 latches and 100 strikers.

Not available for all products