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Furniture Hardware & Tip Restraints

Since the 1930s, B. Walter & Co. has developed and manufactured metal hardware products for the furniture industry.   Drop leaf supports are plated in Yellow Zinc and Bright Zinc as standard colors.  Other finishes, such as Black Zinc are available at an additional cost when ordered in sufficient volumes.  Most other metal hardware items are sold unplated.   We are seeking opportunities to expand our line of furniture hardware items, so if you need an item that we currently don’t make, contact us.


We are also the industry leader in producing Tip Restraints to reduce the risk of accidental furniture tip over with multiple product offerings in this area.

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Drop Leaf Supports

Drop leaf hardware supports occasional tables, dining room tables, and portable carts.

Typically, this furniture hardware item is used to support drop leafs on occasional tables, dining room tables, and portable carts but is also capable of supporting temporary work surfaces such as with workstations. Anywhere a surface needs to be created, we have a drop leaf to support it.

When ordering our Drop Leaf Supports, there are 4 characteristics to select from, they are:

Length: 6”, 8”, 10”, and 12”.

Mounting Design: Apron or Surface

Finish: Yellow Zinc or Bright Zinc

Adjusta-Cup feature: Yes or No (The adjusta-cup ends the problem of sagging leaves. One can adjust and tighten closure gap spacing with a turn of a screw.)

Box Count

Packaged in boxes of 100

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Warning Labels

Warning labels for clothing storage units.

Our #HH510-P10 and #HH510-P11 Warning labels meet the F2057-23 requirement for Warnings for Clothing Storage Units that are not designated and intended by the manufacturer to be used with a TV.

Note: For Warning Labels for use with furniture that is designed and intended by the manufacturer to be used with a TV, consult B. Walter & Co.

Box Count

Provided in rolls of 1000 labels

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Table Top Clamps

Table Top Clamps attach table aprons to the tabletop.

Our table top clamps are perfect for attaching table aprons to the tabletop. Even if the aprons are bored, our table top clamp can provide extra strength and security for the table apron. The end tab fits into slots in the table apron. Made from 14 gauge steel with ⅝” tabs and ⅜” offset. A stamped-in gusset provides additional strength.

Box Count

Packaged in boxes of 2000

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Bunk Bed Products

Connect bunk beds without lag bolts.

Our Bunk Bed Brackets eliminate the need for lag bolts thereby reducing installation time as well as enhancing the life of the bed. With the safety latch secured, the brackets are incapable of becoming dislodged providing the ultimate in safety.

Domestically manufactured, these brackets eliminate the need for traditional style bed hooks, lag screws, or bolts. Made from 1/8” steel, these brackets offer an unparalleled level of safety and strength.

Each Bed requires two LL022Z (Left Hand Bed Rail Bracket), two LL023Z (Right Hand Bed Rail Bracket), and four LL024Z (Bed Post Safety Bracket)

Box Count

Packaged in boxes of 125-250

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Pullout Supports

Pullout supports elevate the table leaf to a level and firm position.

Our #39 Metal Pullout Support has a low profile design and is a lower-cost option for supporting a drop leaf used with tables or desks. This unplated all-steel support elevates the leaf to a level and firm position. Made of 16 gauge steel with stops at both ends and a convenient curved finger pull. Easy to install and fits standard size drop leaf tables. Available in a “heavy-duty” version with a metal reinforcing rod integrated into the pullout.

Box Count

Packaged in boxes of 50

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#5 Lever Top Lock

Table locking mechanism that ensures a closed position.

A locking mechanism for tables that ensures the top remains in a closed position. A simple movement of the handle unlocks the table and separates the two halves apart. When closing, a turn of the handle draws the two halves together and firmly locks them in place.

Our #5 Lever Top Lock applies to all sizes of extension tables, simply by using a longer actuating rod as the size of the tabletop halves becomes larger.

Overall length: Available in 2” increments from 12” to 32”
(specify the length you want at the time of order)

If requesting a length longer than 32”, please contact the factory.

Box Count

Packaged in boxes of 50 or 100

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Aligns horizontally, levels vertically, and locks the surfaces together

The unique design of our patented Align-N-Lock provides three separate functions in one lock. It aligns the surfaces horizontally, levels vertically, and locks the surfaces together. The lock has a low profile which provides more clearance for leaf storage and allows it to perform a true direct pull between surfaces ensuring a tight attachment. Originally designed for extension tables, the Align-N-Lock is perfect for a number of different applications. It is great for locking workstations together. No longer is an “L” bracket and screws needed to secure a workstation. With the Align-N-Lock, valuable time is saved when relocating office furniture.

The Align-N-Lock is made from 14 gauge steel and built for years and years of dependable service. Available in 2 different strikers (specify which striker you want at the time of order):

The TL106 striker is very precise and ideal for computer workstations.

The TL108 striker has a more angled taper and is best suited for extension tables.

Box Count

Packaged in boxes of 100 latches and 100 strikers.

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Furniture Anti-tip

Reduces the risk of accidental furniture tip over.

B. Walter & Co. has been producing furniture tip restraints to reduce the risk of accidental furniture tip over for more than 10 years. We were one of the first companies to offer a tip restraint that meets the ASTM F3096-23 standard for tip restraints. B. Walter & Co. tip restraints are individually packaged with installation instructions written in English, French, and Spanish.

Box Count

Packaged in boxes of 500

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Leaf Levelers

Leaf Levelers level the table in a closed position.

Our leaf levels solve the problem of unlevel tabletops and leaves. Levels the top of the table when in a closed position. Made of 14 gauge plain steel.

Box Count

Packaged in boxes of 1000

HH513 photo_edited.jpg

90° Angle Bracket with Gusset

Angle bracket table supports.

This steel “L” shaped bracket is one of the most versatile brackets available. The ⅞” x ⅞” design is small enough for easy concealment, while the center gusset adds strength, stability, and ensures that the angle is 90 degrees.

Box Count

Packaged in boxes of 2500

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