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B. Walter factory in 1918





Bassler Walter

B. Walter & Co. was founded by Bassler Walter, a former Wabash County Sheriff, in 1887 and is among the oldest manufacturing companies in Indiana. Initially, we produced wagon wheel spokes and dining room table slides (the mechanical device under the table that allows the table to be pulled apart and a wooden leaf inserted) made from wood: particularly Ash, Maple, and Beech. Our table slides became the industry standard worldwide.

Founder of B. Walter Sheriff Bossler Walter in 1890
B. Walter factory in 1945

Metal Furniture Hardware

In the 1920s, we began making metal hardware for furniture manufacturers such as locking mechanisms, drop leaf supports, and pullout supports. As a result of much of the U.S. furniture industry moving to Asia in the late 1990s and early 2000s, we sold our wood table slide manufacturing operations to focus and expand upon our metal fabrication capabilities.

B. Walter circle logo


Today, we produce custom metal fabricated and bent wire products for a wide range of industries. For furniture manufacturers, we supply metal furniture hardware and are the leading supplier of furniture tip restraints to reduce the risk of furniture tip-over.


B. Walter & Co aerial photograph
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