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Bunk Bed Products

Connect bunk beds without lag bolts.

Bunk Bed Products

Our Bunk Bed Brackets eliminate the need for lag bolts thereby reducing installation time as well as enhancing the life of the bed. With the safety latch secured, the brackets are incapable of becoming dislodged providing the ultimate in safety.

Domestically manufactured, these brackets eliminate the need for traditional style bed hooks, lag screws, or bolts. Made from 1/8” steel, these brackets offer an unparalleled level of safety and strength.

Each Bed requires two LL022B (Left Hand Bed Rail Bracket), two LL023B (Right Hand Bed Rail Bracket), and four LL024B (Bed Post Safety Bracket)


Black Zinc

Box Count

Packaged in boxes of 125-250

Installation Guide

Not available for all products

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